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Last Day of Work (LDW) is an independent game studio

specializing in sophisticated casual games for the mainstream player. Since 2004, the company has lovingly crafted several highly successful real-time "Virtual Life" simulation games including Fish Tycoon ©, Plant Tycoon ©, Virtual Families © and the Virtual Villagers © series for platforms including PC, Mac, iPhone/iPod touch, Palm OS and Windows Mobile™ Pocket PC. LDW's games are easy to pick up and play, while at the same time providing more in-depth and complex gameplay than the typical casual game. Based in San Francisco, California, Last Day of Work was founded by CEO Arthur Humphrey who, along with his wife and LDW Executive Producer Carla, puts a great deal of nurturing into developing and publishing thoughtful games for casual audiences.

Arthur Humphrey

Founder, Lead Designer and Lead Engineer

Arthur is founder and CEO of Last Day of Work. Arthur started creating games on his VIC-20, including a lovely Pengo clone for 'public domain' release. In his spare time he plays even more games, both casual and core. Arthur holds a Bachelor in Business from UCLA and a Bachelor in Computer Science from Hayward State University and has a level 70 Druid in World of Warcraft.

Carla Humphrey

Co-Founder and Executive Producer

Carla is an executive producer and co-founder of LDW. Carla manages the game production logistics and scheduling, participates in the design of the games and brings a fresh women's perspective to the design process. A graduate in Business and Economics from the University of Trieste, Italy, prior to joining her husband Arthur in creating Last Day of Work, Carla worked for the Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH) luxury fashion conglomerate in Paris, France. She was born in Genova, Italy, and speaks fluent Italian, English, French and German.


Content Designer

Barbara began working with LDW in 2004 on Pocket PC and Palm OS games. In addition to designing game content, she participates in game development and is an executive producer for mobile games. Barbara holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems Management. Prior to her association with LDW, she spent several decades as a flight test engineer, systems engineer, and Information Systems consultant to Fortune 100 companies. She currently lives in Colorado.


Senior Customer Support Lead

Heather started working for LDW in 2009, as Customer Support Lead, and now works as Senior Customer Support Lead. She also assists Barbara with forum management. Heather is currently going to college for a degree in Computer Information Systems, and lives in Colorado with her husband, and their two Ragdoll cats.


Lead Tester

Kathy began working with LDW in 2012 as Lead Tester, assisting Barbara in Quality Assurance. In 2015 she also took on the responsibility of beta test management. In addition to various computer science coursework, Kathy holds a Bachelors Degree in Biology, an Associates Degree in Child Development, and prior to her association with LDW, was a California Mentor Teacher. She lives in California with her 4 cats, 2 cockatiels, and 2 parakeets.