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Virtual Families 3: Our Country Home


Virtual Families 3

Release date to be determined

Note from the developer:

Sadly, despite all of our hard work to get Virtual Families 3: Our County Home ready for all of you before the end of 2018, we realize that is not going to be possible, and we have moved our release date to the first quarter of 2019.
All of the new features we've added (which include considerable ethnic diversity, reconfigurable house, enhanced dating and marriage options, larger families, new types of events that include visitors from the community and the previous generation, significant improvements for the pets, an all-new mysterious new backstory, and much more) have taken far longer to work out the kinks and refine to our standards.
We don't want to settle for anything less than a worthy sequel to VF2 that is different and better in every way. We know that you want that too. So please be patient while we get everything worked out and are ready to give you a VF3 game that we're proud of and that you will be happy to play.

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The game is currently in development, and we plan to release it early in 2019.



We are hard at work on the third game in the Virtual Families series

Virtual Families 3: Our Country Home will be larger and more customizable than Virtual Families 2!

Some of the features we have planned are:

- More flexible options for families! Have larger families!

- Improved social features!

- Modular, reconfigurable house

- More advanced decor and furniture placement options

- Gardening and lawn care

- More of everything!

VF3 Preview

VF3 Preview Rooms